buy best gaming pc
buy best gaming pc
gaming pc in canada
gaming pc in canada

Welcome to Technoid Inc., where your gaming experience is our passion. As specialists in prebuilt gaming PCs, we offer an extensive range of options to cater to every gamer's needs. 

We have everything from the best gaming PCs that promise unmatched speed and reliability to custom gaming PC builds tailored to your specifications. 

Our gaming PC setups are designed not just for gamers but also for media producers, businesses, and students, ensuring versatility and performance.

At Technoid Inc., we understand the frustration of dealing with slow and outdated systems. That's why we're committed to providing gaming PCs that combine speed with style, transforming every gaming session into an exhilarating adventure. 

Our gaming PC bundles are crafted to deliver an exceptional gaming journey that is both affordable and reliable.

Experience the thrill of gaming with Technoid Inc.'s cutting-edge technology. Our PCs boast top-quality components, aesthetic designs, and advanced cooling systems to ensure durability and peak performance. 

We're dedicated to making your gaming adventure hassle-free with features like worldwide free delivery, a satisfaction guarantee, and secure payment options.

Whether you're starting your gaming journey or looking to upgrade, Technoid Inc. is here to power up your experience. Our responsive customer support team is always ready to assist, ensuring you have the perfect gaming setup. 

Dive into the gaming world with Technoid Inc., where quality meets affordability; every game is an adventure.

Begin Your Ultimate Gaming Journey Today!

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Save $200.00
best budget gaming pc
Save $200.00
building budget gaming pc
Budget Gaming Pc (Ryzen 5 5600 - RTX 4060 Ti - 1TB SSD - 32GB RAM - Win 11 Pro)
Sale price$1,749.99 CAD Regular price$1,949.99 CAD
Save $200.00
pre built budget gaming pc
Budget Gaming Pc (Ryzen 5 5600 - RTX 4060 - 1TB SSD - 16GB RAM - Win 11 Pro)
Sale price$1,299.99 CAD Regular price$1,499.99 CAD